Ganoderma Health Theory – I

Ganoderma mushrooms provide a number of benefits to health which can be easily understood with basic concepts of ganotherapy. These three basic concepts of ganoderma health theory also called ganotherapy are enough to understand the working and application of ganoderma. Ganoderma isn’t a drug or medication based on modern health theory but its a herb, a natural traditional herb which works on natural theory of health. So, in order to understand how and where, we can find ganoderma’s effectiveness, we have to understand its bare basics which are based on traditional view and are a part of alternative health which may or may not be agreeable to followers of modern health theory. There are so many health theories each based on some different principle and we can not judge one theory based on principles of another health theory.Ganoderma’s health theory called ganotherapy has some basic assumptions on how and where it works. These basic assumptions do not help in understanding the basis of ganoderma’s working but they only throw a light on who could expect health benefits from ganoderma. One simple theory that I have or like to follow is ‘Fill it and Forget it’. I don’t think that discussing how, what, where and why of any alternative health theory or modern health theory helps in solving a health problem. Discussing and learning about these aspects only help us in understanding how it works and has nothing to do with how effective it can prove for health status of our body system. I think it is better to try it for some time and see the results, results will make it clear whether there is an underlying health theory in ganoderma or any other ganoderma based products. It will also clarify whether it is real gold or something artificially polished like gold.There are so many aspects of health and health theories that it becomes difficult to conclude anything. I’ve noticed that over time a single product is reported to be good, then bad, then good for one part of body or another based on new researches. These researches are not meant for common man but for health professionals who understand there basics and what this actually meant. A common man is only perplexed with all these complexities. We cannot research on a product like a health professionals due to lack of skills or due to lack of time to investigate every detail. We only need well researched or proven health plan which is simplified and easy to follow. Anything which is result oriented and effective solves our problem. In case of ganoderma, it isn’t a modern artificially generated product or a health product developed by modern man in light of latest modern health theories. Ganoderma is a well estabilished product with credentials that no one can deny, ganoderma is not a dot com bubble which has surfaced due to contemporary reasons. It is another issue that today in the modern world of schemes and scams, anything which gains popularity is immediately imitated by many with both real and fake products. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between real and fake as at times fake seems to be more attractive and effective then real. I think nature must learn some tricks from modern man and work on overall look and appearance of its own creation.This is first part of Ganoderma Health Theory and discussion on Ganotherapy continues in second part of this article also published with this one.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Review

Optimum Nutrtion Pro Complex is a high protein shake made by Optimum Nutrition. Optimum Nutrition, Inc. was created in 1986 by two brothers named Tony and Michael Costello. Its original name was Costello’s Health Distributors. The two brothers saw the need for improvement in the quality and the opportunity for more creative products to be added to the huge sports nutrition industry. They founded Optimum Nutrition to fill these two holes.They have enjoyed 22 years of success primarily fueled by the popularity of their Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, their best-selling product. The two brothers sold their company in 2008 to Glanbia which is an international cheese and nutritional ingredients group. Optimum Nutrition also operates another company named American Body Building as well.The company’s mission statement is to produce premium-quality, affordable and distinctive products. They also aim to anticipate changes in the needs of their customers by providing innovative products. They believe that since they are an advocate of healthy lifestyles every consumer should have the choice to buy premium products. They try to eliminate the middleman and control the quality of their products by being very involved in the production and distribution processes.Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is one of their best selling products. Because different proteins contain varied individual utilization rates and amino acid profiles the product blends 8 sources to give you a shake that greatly enhances your muscle-building capability and a high quality blend of protein.They combined Whey Protein Isolates, Ebb Albumen, key Free Form Amino Acids, and Hydrolyzed Proteins to create an incredible amino acid profile. One serving of Pro Complex APS contains a whopping 60 grams of the most beneficial proteins on the market today.Some of the product specifics are:-8 Premium Protein Sources-60 Grams Of Protein-Over 14,000 mg Of BCAAs-10,500 mg Of Glutamine And Precursors-Loaded With Protein Microfractions-Contains Digestive Enzymes-15 Vitamins And Minerals Blend-Instantized (mixes easily with a spoon)The product comes in vanilla, strawberry swirl, banana cream, rocky road and chocolate. Typically the product is taken before, during or after a workout. It is mixed with water and stirred or shaken until mixed together.One of the benefits their huge following enjoys from using the product is that it builds muscle in a very short amount of time. Many product users notice a difference in just a couple of months. Pro complex also quickens the time to recover after a difficult workout. The taste is very good, it’s seen as a good value for the money and it also boosts the energy level of the user.Their products can be found in almost 10,000 specialty retail and independent natural product stores, fitness center, gyms, drug stores and many major grocery chains. Current distribution covers over 70 countries throughout the world and also many on-line retailers. The popularity of their products is based on their customer’s outstanding results and so it sells itself.As you can see, Optimum Nutrition is devoted to their clients by providing an incredible product at an affordable price. Visit their website and you can see a list of their amazing athletes who fully endorse their nutritional products and the company. Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is just one of their amazing products that truly gets results.